Wine & Beer

We have selected a variety of Turkish wines to give you a taste of “the old country.” We have also included a few regional wines that match well with our cuisine, and which you will likely not find on a typical restaurant menu or at your local wine shop. To enhance your wine tasting experience, we have also included some information about grapes local to Turkey, Greece and Lebanon.

White Wine

075 Carati, Piera Martellozzo 9/39

Prosecco D.o.c, Italy, NV Extra dry: flavors of pear & yellow apple with fresh, floral and fruity notes, gradually turning into a long, intriguing aftertaste. International Wine & Spirit Competition 2015, Bronze


Pinot Grigio, Bulgaria, 2015 Light-medium body, fruity. Soft, crisp, fruity light body and a smooth, rapid apple and lemon finish.

Domaine Michel Colbois12/46

Chablis, Burgundy, France, 2014 Medium body, dry. Full of fresh (citrus) and mineral (flint) associated with ripe fruit. Chardonnay du Monde 2011, Bronze


Sauvignon Blanc, Turkey, 2013 Medium body, dry. Rich blend of grapefruit and citrus flavors. FT Best 100 Wines in the World 2012

Ancyra, Kavaklidere12/46

Narince, Turkey, 2015 Full body, dry. Concentrated and well balanced wine with rich citrus and white fruit aromas. Selection Mondiales 2010, Silver

Cankaya, Kavaklidere8/31

Narince/Sultana/Emir, Turkey, 2014 Full body, dry. Crisp, unoaked and citrusy with a clean, lemony finish. Best selling white wine in Turkey.

Karga, Corvus11/42

Çavuş/Vasilaki, Turkey, 2013 Full body, dry. Intensely dry, with undertones of fresh leaves or grass.

Perle Du Chateau, Domaine Wardy12/46

Chardonnay, Lebanon, 2013 Full body, dry. Notes of grilled almonds, honey, and floral notes emerge, followed by very long taste of white fruits and citrus.

House Wine7/26

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Dessert Wine

Dyonysos, Oenomelo7/46

Moscato/Moscofilero/Roditis, Greece, NV Sweet. Fresh aromas of Muscat followed by undertones of honey and sweet lemon.

Tatlisert, Kavaklidere7/38

ortified, Red, Öküzgözü, Turkey, 2006 Dried mulberry, dried plum aromas with spice notes Vinitaly 2011 Gran Menzione

Red Wine

Egeo, Kavaklidere10/39

Rosé, Çalkarası/Grenache/Kalecik Karası, Turkey, 2014 Light body. Fresh red fruit aromas on the nose. Dry fruity taste, with moderate acidity. Mundus Vini 2013, Silver

Chateau Burgozone10/39

Pinot Noir, Bulgaria, 2012 Light-medium body. Aroma sensations with a fruity nature and nuances of red and black fruit, jam and milk chocolate; followed by powerful, lasting taste with volume, length and velvety mildness. SWA 2014, Silver

Ancyra, Kavaklidere12/47

Kalecik Karası, Turkey, 2015 Medium body. Delicious with intense fruit flavors, well balanced, round with soft tannins. Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2010, Silver

Selection, Kavaklidere11/39

Öküzgözü/Boğazkere, Turkey, 2012 Medium-full body. Long with persistent flavors and strong ripe tannins. International Wine Challenge 2013, Bronze

Yakut, Kavaklidere8/31

Öküzgözü/Boğazkere/Carignan/Alicante, Turkey, 2014 Full body. Intense red fruits, damson and sour cherry; violet notes. Rich flavored, concentrated and well balanced with its ripe tannins. Most popular red wine in Turkey.

Les Terroirs, Domaine Wardy10/39

Cinsault/Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah/Merlot, Lebanon, 2012 Full body. Fruity with hints of spices and gun powder notes and a sweet long finish, with freshness and liveliness. San Francisco International Wine Competition 2014

Pendore, Kavaklidere53

Öküzgözü, Turkey, 2011 Medium/full body. Complex with dark red fruit aromas like red plum; spicy notes. Deep with its ripe tannins, full bodied and long with its moderate acidity and rich flavors. SWA 2014 Commended

Pannunzio GV10/38

Malbec, Argentina, 2012 Full body. Aromas that remind one of plums figs, peach jam and marmalade accompanied by vanilla. Taste is round and balanced with an agreeable finish and sweet tannins. Mundus Vini, 2015, Gold

Egeo, Kavaklidere12/44

Syrah, Aegean, Turkey, 2012 Full body. Aromas of black forest fruit, sweet spice, and black olives, with good persistency and length. Syrah du Monde, 2014 GOLD

House Wine7/26

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Efes Pilsen 7

Pilsner, 5% AVB, Turkey

Efes “Special Blend” Malt7

Pilsner, 5% AVB, Turkey

Stella Artois7

Lager, 5% AVB, Belgium


Witbier, 4.9% AVB, Belgium 2016 World Beer Cup: Gold

Estrella Galicia7

Lager, 5.1% AVB, Spain 2013 New York IBC: Top Honors

Founders All Day IPA7

Session IPA, 4.7% AVB, USA 2016 Australian IBA: Bronze

New Planet (Gluten-Free)8

Blonde Ale, 4.5% AVB, USA 2012 World Beer Championships: Gold / 90 pts